Summer [a devil and a black sheep] (sonoyumedakewa) wrote,
Summer [a devil and a black sheep]

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I’m taking a pen knife to my hand and cutting a fucking fame line into my palm. I’ll make it real. I’ll make it work. I’m so much more than this. I’m so much more than the girl in the music shop. More than the girl with the cute smile that can tune a guitar.

I’m the girl who can make oceans freeze with her eyes. I’m the girl who can silence a room with a thought. I’m the girl who’s voice will make you wish believed it God. You just don’t know it yet.

Someday you’ll see the world through my eyes. Eyes that you don’t know are there until you’ve done something you’ll regret. My fingers will teach you how to mold stone and cure diseases. My words will cut through mud and turn it to glass.

I want to take my goose bumps and roll them into a ball. Flatted them out on the floor and create a disguise from the new skin. So every time I wear it, not only do you not recognize me, it will give you chills.
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